Come to Turkey and you’ll find all of these: hospitality, excellent, perfect, professional, effort, complete, helpfulness, warm people, caring, innovative. If such words the training participants described all week training in Turkey. Lot of thanks for head of trainings coordination: Necdet KARA and his team.

One week of Short term training in Turkey – new experience and perception – ABA elements in education can be used. As we got theoretical knews in project implementation period, it was useful to see practical experience. Why it was so important? First day, our realize why we are here and again and again recognitized of the same problems, actualities, no matter from which country we are: need of new experience, need of confirmation you are going in right way are the same. And all this of big everyone’s motivation to make changes.

Teacher shown experience in video, gaved questions for discussion “Why ABA?”, “Methods used in ABA” and ect., practical task – to feel different. Visit in preschool (Gölbaşı TOKİ Kindergarten which has students with autism as inclusive students) and realization of unified system in all organization, integration of autistic child gaved lot ideas to realize in our kindergarten.

We had opportunity to see how activities are organized in private and public schools, specialized in autism area. Saw, how can be combined  ABA, TECHH, Montessori, PEC symbols and other methodologies, how customized environment (home environment for social skills), how much attention allocated for physical training.

In official visit to the Ministry of National Education, Directorate General for Special Education and Guidance Services for us was introduced special education system – everything goes straight through Ministry. Participants were interested in integration of child with special needs opportunities, gaved questions about financing, qualification upgrading, project activities.

Also got lot attention and hospitality in Gölbaşı District Governorship. This municipality is in very beautiful Golbasi area. We were meet by mayor, who introduced us planning and implementing project for environment, community’s pursuition. Near municipality’s building there’s beautiful  lake Mogan – in it will be implemented water sport project, is active zone for people leisure time, recreation. We were very surprised in got presents – cups for tea. Their meaning in Turkish traditions – if you’ll drink tea from these cups, your friendship will pass 40 years.

I hope everyone took not only some good ideas, good examples of training theme, but also something specific he’ll use in his daily life, in his job – transcultural, language skills, new contacts, new view.

Project manager

Aurelija Leišienė


no 2016-1-LT01- KA201-023166

Date of training: 26-30 March, 2018, Venue: Ankara